Hyperreality China 超真实中国

“超真实”(hyperreality),这一单词取自法国思想家让鲍得里亚(Jean Baudrillard)创造的哲学术语,“超真实是指真实与非真实之间的区分已变得日益模糊不清。在希腊语中‘hyper’是‘超过’的意思,表明它比真实还要真实,是一种按照模型产生出来的真实。超真实是完全包含着模拟,它不是被生产出来的,而‘始终是一种已经被再生产出来的东西’,即此时真实不再单纯是一些现成之物(如风景或海洋),而是人为地生产(或再生产)出来的‘真实’(例如模拟环境),它不是变得不真实或荒诞了,而是比真实更真实,成了一种在‘幻境式的(自我)相似中被精心雕琢过的真实’。”



The philosophical term “hyperreality” derives from the French philosopher Jean-Baudrillard’s creation, referring to the blurring of the distinction between reality and falsity. In the Greek language, “hyper” means “beyond” or “transcending”, with the connotation that it is of a higher level of reality, therefore implying a reality that is made in accordance with a model. Hyperreality means more than imitation, and it is not produced, rather it is always in the state of having been reproduced. Hence, reality is now no longer a natural being , but artificially created or re-created as in the case of a simulated circumstance. This does not mean, however, that it has become untrue or incredible, but that it is more than reality, a sort of reality that is carefully disposed of in a hallucinatory similarity.

Such descriptions attached to postmodern society by Baudrillard 30 years ago, seem like a self-fulfilling prophecy in China today. Seen in light of the great transformation of urbanization China is now undertaking, the actual viewsights appear overwhelmingly to be something kind of hyperreality. Photography functions eligibly to recreate the hyperreality in present China, since it is widely accepted as the equipment for the reproduction of the image of actual reality. So I make an attempt to create hyperreal pictures in an ultra-careful and panoramic manner.

In China, the hyperreal sights are still holding on, and it makes sense that the word “hyperreality” shall never die off with its everlasting meanings so long as I keep an eye on the program of “hyperreality China” photography. I consider what an outcome it will produce if the tranditional orient civilization and modern western civilization integrate with each other? Will it be like the theme described so much in the science fiction moives: the combination of different genes always produces Alien with exceeding energy and breaking power?