World Relic 世界·遗迹



Just like the archaelogists who idolized the tumulus and supposed the history by some negligible traces,I indulged myself in the relic which was abandoned,dilapidated,covered and eradicated rapidly by the era which I live in, caught a bunches of divive light and agglomerated into the films by the long-time exposure. I tried to keep the truth of the history and society with these relic pictures reverted and replicated truly. However,what was truth?

World&Relic series were made following the thought path of "archaeology",only here was the concept of the time and space twisted and pestered once again. I went to Guangzhou,shenzhen,shanghai continually,to the world theme parks under different states, and repeated the same shooting indefatigably.My purpose was not to look for interesting,nice-looking and formalistic pictures. To let these similar pictures which were largely identical but with minor difference present themselves together, perhaps this was one of the real purposes, because only with such presentation could you see a realistic as well as a surrealistic world,a conjecturally invented as well as really existing world, a world which you have already placed yourself thereinto while you have no regard for, a world of "no value,but a value judgement itself",a world among which time and space has been twisted and interveined.This was also the truth of the history and society where we existed. However,was this really the truth? What was truth after all? No no seemed to be able to give an answer,especially in the occurent historical situation.

120cm×160cm,Inkjet Print